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Rentals of Bungalows and seasonal rentals in Martinique


Bungalow rentals in Martinique

Martinique offers a multitude of beautiful bungalow rentals by the sea or in the countryside, charming bungalow rentals, luxury bungalows up to 4 stars and 4 vacation keys. Pool bungalow rentals, country bungalow rentals, sea view bungalow rentals, dream bungalows. This type of accommodation is increasingly sought-after, between the villa and the apartment, for greater independence. For travelers in touch with nature or by the sea planted on beaches a few meters from the water.

Why go to Martinique?

Martinique is for you. You'll come for its gastronomy, its warmth, the exceptional weather and the warmth of the Martiniquais, the beaches, the fine sand, the turquoise waters at 25° all year round, its folklore, its festivals, its Carnival, with its vidés, the burlesque weddings, Mardi Gras and its red devils, Ash Wednesday when Vaval is burned. Easter, when all the inhabitants of Martinique spend 4 days on the beach, drinking punch and eating matoutou. The Tour Cycliste de Martinique in July, the Tour des Yoles Rondes de Martinique in August. Christmas carols sung to Creole rhythms.... Madinina et l'Ile aux fleurs , une végétation exubérante dans vous ne pouvez même pas imaginer. Come and discover Martinique, where you'll receive an unforgettable welcome. The island of returnees, when you come once you come again, "wu ka vini wu ka rivini".

Discover Martinique

For independent travelers, Locations vue Turquoise, offers you a wide choice of bungalows, in the four corners of the island, from the North Atlantic, to discover an authentic Martinique, and friendly people. he North Caribbean, at the foot of Mount Pelée, with its ever-changing sunsets every evening, its footpaths, its nature, the Martinique Zoo, the Prêcheur trail at Grand Rivière, its exuberant nature. In the center of the island, so that you can travel freely from north to south, discovering museums and other tourist activities, restaurants, and savor Caribbean gastronomy. The south is renowned for its beautiful beaches, idleness, swimming and the warmth of the tropical sun. Martinique offers a wide choice of bungalow rentals to suit all budgets. Quality accommodation selected by us, will certainly be ideal accommodation for young travelers or independent tourists. We hope you enjoy your most vacations in Martinique, In the heart of the exuberant Lesser Antilles you can't even imagine. Come and discover Martinique, where you'll receive an unforgettable welcome. The island of returnees, once you've been there you'll come back, wu ka vini wu ka rivini

What are the advantages of renting a bungalow in Martinique?

Renting a bungalow in Martinique offers an unparalleled vacation experience, combining comfort, privacy and total immersion in the enchanting Caribbean. Here are just a few of the compelling benefits:
- Privacy and Tranquility: Bungalows, often nestled in peaceful environments, offer total privacy, ideal for couples seeking romance or travelers seeking tranquility.
- Close to nature: Bungalows are often located in the heart of nature, offering an immersive experience amidst tropical landscapes. Enjoy the sea breeze, birdsong and lush vegetation that characterize Martinique.
- Comfort and Equipment: Although generally compact, bungalows are designed to maximize comfort. They often offer modern amenities, a kitchenette for greater autonomy, and a private terrace for relaxing.
- Authenticity and Charm: Renting a bungalow gives you an authentic Martinique experience. Traditional Creole bungalows captivate with their charm, offering a unique local atmosphere. - Accessibility to Beaches and Attractions: Most bungalows are strategically located, offering easy access to beaches, hikes, and local attractions. Explore the island at your own pace from your pied-à-terre.
- Affordable Rates: Often more affordable than some lodging options, renting a bungalow lets you enjoy a comfortable stay on a travel budget.
- Personalized Experience: Bungalow owners often have a more personalized approach, offering local advice, personalized recommendations, and a touch of genuine hospitality.

Where to rent a bungalow in Martinique?

- Tartane: This picturesque fishing village in eastern Martinique is ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. Renting a bungalow in Tartane gives you privileged access to quiet beaches, fresh seafood restaurants and relaxing water activities, all in a peaceful, authentic atmosphere.
- Le Carbet: Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and verdant mountains, Le Carbet is a magnificent choice for a bungalow stay. Les avantages incluent des vues panoramiques spectaculaires, des plages isolées, des randonnées dans la nature environnante, et l'accès à des attractions culturelles comme la distillerie Neisson. Renting a bungalow in Le Carbet offers total immersion in the natural beauty and tranquility of Martinique.
- Les Trois-Îlets: Close to beaches, restaurants and cultural activities, this is a popular choice for travelers.
- Le François: Renowned for its distilleries, islets and water sports, this is a popular destination for marine adventure enthusiasts.
- Le Diamant: With its emblematic beach, imposing rock and peaceful atmosphere, Le Diamant attracts many visitors.
- Le Vauclin: Renting a bungalow in Le Vauclin is an excellent option. This fishing village offers a relaxed atmosphere and lively local markets. The kingdom of wind and surf

Are bungalows in Martinique suitable for families?

Yes, bungalows in Martinique are often suitable for families. These types of accommodation offer several advantages that can be appreciated by traveling families:
- Natural Environment: Some bungalows are located in natural environments, offering children the chance to discover tropical flora and fauna.
- Private Space: Bungalows provide a private space for each member of the family, creating an intimate, homely atmosphere.
- Fully equipped kitchens: Bungalows feature fully equipped kitchens, allowing families to prepare their own meals and adapt to children's dietary preferences.
- Terraces or private gardens: Some bungalows have terraces or private gardens, offering an outdoor space where children can play in complete safety.
- Friendly atmosphere: Bungalows often have a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere.
- Number of rooms: Some bungalows offer several rooms, suitable for large families or groups.
Before booking, it's a good idea to check the specifics of each bungalow and make sure it meets your family's particular needs. Some bungalows may be more suitable for families with young children, while others may be better suited to families with older children.
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