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Our license was issued to us by the prefecture of the Martinique region after an in-depth verification of our skills in tourism and our financial credibility

Member of the APST, 15 av. Carnot 75017 Paris
(Professional Association of Tourism Solidarity.)
The APST guarantees to our customers the sums which they deliver to us, for the organization of their stay and thus assures them the realization of this stay.

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Hiscox Civil and Professional Liability Insurance
This insurance covers all of our travel agency activity.
It is legally compulsory for the exercise of this activity

We are also individuals who rent to individuals.

Through the company in its own name: Vue Turquoise

We have been living in Martinique for almost 30 years.
We offer our own accommodation in Tartane:

Classified 4 stars and 4 Holiday Keys.

We have created a network of seasonal rentals selected for their quality.

Our strenghts:

  • We have been living here since 1993, and we have a great understanding of the local touristic market and we know how to meet everyone's expectations.
  • We are surrounded by a maintenance team, which updates our site daily and allows optimal referencing on search engines.

For all our rentals, we provide:

  • Quality monitoring, each owner agrees to comply with this clause,
  • Detailed pages with lots of pictures
  • An efficient and personalized reservation form
  • Instant responses for each request
  • Secure payment
  • Rental contracts, reassuring for the tenant and the lessor.
  • Once the booking is finalized, we introduce you to your guest.

Contact us and we will advise you as we would do it for our friends.

See you soon under the Caribbean sunshine!