Designer of a successful stay

Marie-Line’s agency, is our travel partner who will allow you to complete your Caribbean stay by booking the most beautiful experiences available in Martinique intensely and authentically.

Marie-Line and her team share our spirit, our values ​​and the fierce desire to make create unforgettable memory for you.

Here is a taste of some suggestions that will be revealed to you as of May 1, 2020:

  • Festive moments, making the most of the Creole atmosphere
  • Gourmet experiences, rhum, chocolate ...
  • culinary workshops,
  • Agri-tourism,
  • Hiking, on land and at sea sports activities
  • Encounter with local fishermen
  • Local traditions workshops for authentic experiences
  • Discovery tours of remote places ...

and many other proposals for full or half day experiences.

“Voyager Vrai” is also the best prices on:

  • Car rental from a local partner ...
  • All packages, advice, plane tickets …
  • Local contact at your service 7 days a week
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